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Full explanation of Freewallet scam

Some visitors may ask, why did we create this website. It’s interface almost copies the one of Freewallet org, and it may look like some campaign, organised by Freewallet crypto wallet competitors. But actually, we do not advertise any project, wallet or app. Our main goal is to warn users neder to store assets in Freewallet app. Because it’s a scam!


This is our main website on which we explain the ways Freewallet scammers steal assets. Youy may find many reviews here.

At first glance, Freewallet seems like a regular app for storing and sending cryptocurrencies. The developers claim that this wallet is safe and secure. But that’s not true.

The project administration carries out large-scale deception of clients under the guise of KYC:

  1. The customer downloads Freewallet app. The wallet seems to be working without any issues.
  2. Customers deposits or gets some coins on his address.
  3. Freewallet administration suspends client’s wallet and asks to proceed verification.
  4. Customer provides photos of his documents.
  5. Administration declines the documents, asks to send more pictures.
  6. Customer fulfills this requirement.
  7. The administration again refuses to confirm my identity and demands that I send more documents, photographs, selfies, and videos.

This process can drag on for years until the victim comes to terms with the loss of their savings. But formally, the client is told that his money is just frozen and transferred to a safer address. I think readers have already guessed that the “safe address” belongs to the owners of Freewallet org themselves!

Time to stop Freewallet scammers

Negative reviews and comments are important because they warn other users from losing money. We are grateful to everyone who publishes information about the fraudulent actions of the Freewallet org administration.

You can leave reviews on reddit, bitcointalk, other crypto forums and in the social networks.

But you must understand that the most important thing is to file an official complaint with the police at your place of residence as soon as possible.

In addition, it makes sense to write parallel complaints to other competent authorities:

  • NFIB (investigates criminal cases in the United Kingdom, where one of the owners of Freewallet scam may reside).
  • FBI (has broad powers, but to begin an investigation it is important to link the activities of fraudsters to crimes against American citizens).
  • ICANN (has the ability to seek blocking of fraudulent domain names).